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Frequently Asked Questions

The aim of this section is to find directly answers to your questions. However if the answers are not sufficient enough for you, you can send us a message to our email address or call us on our contact numbers in the “Contact” section.

The use of any mode during your navigation to our website, automatically means that you agree with all the terms of use of The law obligate us to inform you for the terms and conditions of using our website and for this reason,
if someone does not agree with these terms of use, then he owes responsibility to abstrain from the navigation and also from any transaction or use of the e-shop services.

The status of the products is displayed on the product page.
The product can be:

Immediately available/available:available for online order. The exact date is indicated at the product page.

Pre-order: the product is available for pre-order and the delivery date depends on the official day of production. Priority order is met.

Available from DD/MM/YYYY: the product is available from the indicated date and for a specific time or until is out of stock. Priority order is met.

After placing your order: if the product is not available at our shops, but we can make it for you made to order. *After you show us your interest with a message on the contact form, you will be informed via an email within 3 working days as far as production
details and expected delivery date.

Temporarily out of stock/out of stock: the product is not available for order at this moment. It is expected and will be available soon.

New product: the product is not available for order at this moment. It is expected and will be available soon. *Furthermore, in some of our products there is the indication below:

Available only for receipt the shop/extremely fragile(E.F.): the product is available for online order and it is only at Chalandri ‘s shop location and we cannot send it where the customer is. At the product page you can see more details. Because of the specificproducts are unique, priority order is met.

Create a user account at the unit “join”-left to shopping cart-and log in at or connect directly with your own Facebook or google passwords. Every password activated is personal and the dissemination is forbidden.

You can place the order you want with 3 simple ways!

a.Via our e-shop. Navigate to our e-shop and choose the products you want and add them to your “shopping cart”. To complete your order you should input the data needed from the system.

b.Via the app «Caramella DIY». You can quickly and easily create your own candy and with simple steps to send us your order.

c. Via phone order. You can call on 2106830048 and tell us your order! Our co-workers at the internet service department are available for you Monday to Saturday 09:00-17.00.

*In case your order has been placed on Saturday after 15:00, then we check it on Monday. The orders made daily 9:00-17:00 except of Saturday, Sunday and holiday you should wait for a confirmation that the order is being placed.

You can pay the products you have ordered with 4 simple ways!

a. Pay at the store (more…)
b. With deposit to a bank account (more…)
c. Pay at the delivering time (more…)
d. Pay with debit or credit card (more…)

You can choose one of the ways below to receive your order:

a. Received from the store (more…)
b. With Courier-express delivery company (more…)
c. With a shipping company (more…)
d. With our distribution network (more…)
e. With radio taxi (more…)

Caramella-athens is one exhibition space for our products via the internet. You can find information, check prices and also order any product in a quantity with absolute security, as no transaction required thru our page! You just place your order and thensend mode of the products and we will contact you to confirm. You can read more at the Payment Options, Delivering options andUse of terms.

In case that a product is missing or you’re not satisfied with the order we send you for some reason, please contact 2106830048 or 6973974540 and the internet customer service department or the store manager will give you the best solution.

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