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DIY app gives you the opportunity to see how the candy that you are thinking of creating will look like before you even order it. You can quickly and easily design your own candy, attach your logo, choose the taste you like, fill in your contact information and ask us for a quote. Before you send us arequest you must select the quantity in kilograms. The minimum quantity per mix is 2 kilograms, but in some logos or in a number of letters there are limitations that may increase the minimum amount so you get the best result without having to change anything. Because the design from the creation is far from being 100% handmade, we have setlimitations in the application’s choices. If you cannot design what you want, contact us to help you further.

Tips to create your own candy…

1.Choose the type of candy depending on how you want to be the exterior of your caramel:

a. If you choose “In Parallel” colors, all your candies will have 1 to 4 outer colors, depending on the number of colors you choose. You can change the four external colors and the background to the corresponding options.

* In the default rainbow, you may want to change all 7 outer colors.

* If you like, you can also remove the white stripes between the colors with a simple click (uncheck).

b. if you choose “In Series” colors, all your candies, all your candies will be the same inside, but on the outside you will be divided by 1 to 4 candy quantities of the same outer color, depending on the number of colors you choose. You can change the 4 external colors and the background to the corresponding options and see them all in sequence.

* Depending on the type of candy you choose, you will also see our own clip art template under your own design.

2.Select the center and the text of your candy:

a. In the first “Design – Logo” option, you can choose one of our designs or send us your logo and fill in the “Top Area Text” (curved text only) and “Bottom Area Text” (curved text only).

b. In the second option “Monogram & Design” you can choose one of our designs and 2 letters or numbers left and right in the “Top Area Text” and “Bottom Area Text” respectively.

c. In the third option “Center Area Text” you can select center text (always straight), “Top Area Text”(curved or straight) and “Bottom Area Text”(curved or straight).

d. Finally you can select an empty center area in the “Blank” option, “Top Area Text” (curved or straight) and “Bottom Area Text” (curved or straight).

3.You almost finished… Select the flavor or combination of flavorsyou want, enter your details, select the desired quantity and ask for our offer.

* You can try as many combinations as you like before you complete your creation and if you get stuck somewhere just refresh the page and start from the beginning. Have fun!